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Comprehensive Golf Fitness Evaluation
InBody 570 Scan, TPI Level 1 Screen and Level 2 and 3 Power and Strength Screen, FMS Screen,
Proteus Power Test, and Action Plan

The first step in the process to improvement is the initial evaluations. In this 90 minute session, we will learn about your body. How you move, why you move that way, how we want you to move, and how we can get you to move that way. 

First, we will go over your questionnaire and discuss your reason for being here. Goals, lifestyle, and health history will be covered. We will then discuss your golf game and swing. 

Next, we will hop on the medical grade InBody Machine to measure the composition of your body. Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Fat %, Discrepancies of mass in your body from limb to limb, visceral fat levels, and more. 

Next, we go through the physical screening process. As a Level 3 TPI Fitness professional, I am confident I can find the key to unlocking your power and consistency. 

The initial TPI Screen will show us how your body moves in 16 different patterns that directly relate to the golf swing. Next, we will go through the TPI Power and Strength Screens. Here we will learn your potential power output as it relates to golf. Based on the results of the screen(s), I will take you through a few other screens (FMS, FST) to further identify movement patterns in your body if applicable.

NEW Now using the breakthrough technology of the Proteus, we will quantify your power output in golf specific moves by measuring peak velocity and wattage in different movements.

After the screens, we will sit down and review the results. I am here to answer any questions you have from this point forward and to discuss our gameplan.

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