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3 Minute Golf Warm Up on Driving Range or First Tee

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

One of the worst things you can do is step onto a golf course without a proper warm-up. Your muscles, joints, and tendons are cold and at risk for injury. Your performance will suffer. Your distance be will lacking. While a pro may reserve 30 minutes to an hour for a proper warm-up, you probably don't have the time for that! The following is a 3 minute Warm-Up designed to be performed on the range or the first tee. Taking these 3 minutes to loosen the muscles up and fire up the nervous system will lead to improved scores and a reduced chance of injury.

Tools Needed: One long stick! You can use your driver, but I recommend investing in the Golfer's Toolbox, which is pictured in the video. This tool is perfect length to perform the warm-up and includes protected alignment sticks. It has other functions, but those are the two I primarily use it for.

1. Pass-Throughs

Grip the Stick nice and wide. Raise it overhead. Try to get it all the way to your waist while keeping your arms straight. Keep widening your arms until you can pass it all the way through with straight arms. Perform 5-8 reps.

2. Around The Worlds

Keeping your arms straight and rigid spine, Bring the Stick up and around your head. Perform 5 rotations on each side.

3. Side to Side Rocks

With your arms in front of you, keep them straight and rock them side to side. Do not allow either side to come up. Rather keep the extended arm down and turn your neck the opposite way. You will feel a stretch through your bicep and neck.

4. Toe Touches

Holding the stick in front of you for support, dig your heel into the ground and send your hips BACK, bending at the waist. Feel your calf and hamstring stretch out. 10 ea leg.

5. Lunge with Side Bend

Hold the stick over your head. Perform a lunge. At the bottom of the lunge, bend your upper body to the side of the lead leg. Perform 5 each leg.

6. Half Rotations

Keeping your hips in place, rotate your torso around side to side with your arms straight. Perform 8 times each side.

7. Full Rotations

Now, add your hips and rotate as much as possible. Again, 8 times each side.

8. Load Up, Post Up

Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Emphasize a load into your right side as you wind up your torso. Push into the ground and explode through, bringing your knee with you. Hold the finish. 5 Ea side.

That's it! Now your muscles and tendons are loose and your nervous system is fired up and ready to crush some drives. I recommend picking up the Golfer's Toolbox to get the most out of the warm up.

Comment with questions or results and Hit em Straight!!

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