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Fastest Way to Increased Swing Speed: SuperSpeed Golf

SuperSpeed Golf Sticks have taken the golf world by storm in the past few years. Pros are using them before their round and in their training. So what's all the buzz about?

The Concept

The SuperSpeed Golf Training System uses a concept call OverSpeed Training. Essentially what this retrains your nervous system in a learned motor pattern from the normal learned speed to something faster. Think of it this way: The fastest your body has ever ran is 15 mph. That's all it knows. You then run downhill, and your body is running 16.5 mph at 15 mph effort. It says, "WOAH! I NEVER KNEW I COULD RUN THAT FAST! NOW THAT I'VE EXPERIENCED IT, I UNDERSTAND HOW TO DO IT AGAIN."

How to Get a Faster Golf Swing

Let's say your swing speed is currently 90 mph. With the light club you will swing around 110 mph. After a few swings, you switch to the medium weight club and you will be swinging around 105 mph because of the brain remembering the speed capacity from the neuromuscular reaction of swinging the light club. After swinging the regular club, you move onto the heavy, or overweight club. You will be swinging this big boy around 95 mph.

This "speed reset" will have you swinging your driver around 100 mph on average. When you get to the range and start timing up hitting balls and using the skills to actually square up the club face you will be around 94-96 mph. That's a 5% increase in club head speed IMMEDIATELY!

How to Maintain Your New and Improved Swing Speed

SuperSpeed has come up with a training protocol that is science based. It's been tested with amateurs and PGA Tour Pros alike and has stuck around because it works. (There is a reason you don't see this on infomercials on the Golf TV Channels!)

Go straight to their website to see the science based protocols here. Essentially it includes a warm-up, a 26 week 3 tier build up program, and a maintenance program for faster club head speed.

You may not be able to warm up with the speed sticks every time you play golf. Retraining your neuromuscular system takes time to make a permanent change. Over time and with diligent training, these results will last with you even when you show up late to your tee time and barely get to warm up.

Bottom Line

SuperSpeed Golf is the one training tool that has stuck around and proved its merit. Guys on tour are using it who aren't sponsored by them. They give golfers what they are looking for: increased club head speed. Check their website out for more research, protocols, and equipment.

If you would like to learn more about SuperSpeed Training, try them out for free, or receive a discount code when purchasing them, please contact me directly at

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