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Easing Into KETO

KETO Foods

KETO is HOT right now. For some people, its a very effective way to shed fat, control energy levels, and feel mentally and physically sharp. But it is not for everyone. And by everyone, I mean most. Depending on your current dietary habits, your genetics, and your daily lifestyle, KETO may be dangerous and difficult for you. The following is a good way to ease into ketosis in a safer, more practical way.

***NOTE*** Keep in mind I am not a dietitian or nutritionist and this is all only from my observations on myself and some clients. Don't sue me! 1) Intermittent fast 5 days a week. 16 hours without eating. You have to plan this out! What time do you workout in the AM? What time do you start work? If you finish your workout at 8 AM and want to eat following your workout, you would start your fast at 4 PM the previous day. I prefer to finish eating around 6-7 PM and don't have my first meal until 10am-Noon.  2) For your first meal, avoid carbs. Eggs, veggies, meat/chicken/fish, almond butter, nuts, Coffee w/ MCT oil, etc. Eat a big ol meal, you'll be hungry! If you wait til lunch, eat a big ol salad with a protein and dressing (oil and vinegar is ideal!) 3) Snack freely on no carb items such as nuts, veggies (technically have carbs but very few), almond dip, etc. I love veggies with "Bitchin Sauce", all kinds of nuts, and meat/fish/chicken as snacks.  4) Allow yourself some healthy carbs at dinner! Quinoa, brown rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc. Cauliflower Pizza w low carb sauce is great. I typically cook meat and have it with grilled onions, cooked veggies, and a potato or quinoa. Save yourself a piece of dark chocolate for dessert :) 5) Close the calorie window. Yes, this means alcohol. Have la croix, sparkling water, decaf coffee black, gum, whatever it takes. When you are done eating, you are done! 6) Allow yourself 2 days a week to eat at all times. This take some pressure off and takes into account work parties, 1 night out, etc.  7) All coffee during the fast should be drank BLACK. Use a touch of stevia if absolutely necessary. NO SUGAR OR CREAM! 8) No Trans Fats, or added sugar. This means no fried foods, and avoid foods that have canola oil or any added sugar (even with dinner).  9) The only drinks allowed are 1 glass of wine w dinner or vodka sodas with lime. NO juice, soda, etc.  This strategy will help your metabolism gradually get used to slipping into ketosis, and will prime you for full KETO if your decide to go that route! Jumping right into KETO can be tricky, unhealthy, and very difficult to sustain. It also is difficult mentally because you can get upset with yourself when you slip up. (ie a night out drinking and indulging will CRUSH your system).  With this system you will still get some benefits of ketosis in the AM (the fast and lack of carbs likely will dip you into ketosis) and you will maintain your body's regular systems with much less risk. Let me know how it goes for you!

Some of my favorite resources for KETO-talk and Intermittent Fasting/Time Restricted Eating:

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